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Cost Efficient Under Floor Heating

Due to its supreme level of comfort and high heating efficiency, underfloor heating has become a popular way to heat homes. Auspex is now introducing a complete in-slab hydronic underfloor heating system into Australia – Auspex Radiant.

Each system is designed for a room temperature of about 20°C for the occupied areas and 22°C in bathrooms and similar areas.

HC Plumbing are the trained and accredited installers for this  across Toowoomba and South East Queensland. 

Why use Under Floor Heating?

  • Reduced your fuel/energy costs
  • Create a higher comfort level, with even heat throughout your home or commercial premises
  • The system remains out of sight and protected from any external damage
  • Dust and airborne particles are not spread so quickly when compared with forced air systems.
  • Under Floor Heating promotes a healthy and allergy-free environment at home in your business.
  • Quiet operation for a more peaceful environment.


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